RedCastle Music

All of us in the music business know things are tougher than ever out there. It is more difficult than ever to get cuts, paying shows, media playtime. Selling ourselves is more than a full time job. Why choose us? That's simple.

We don't record on two inch tape, we don't use union musicians. We will get a work for hire for all your demos, so your master is clear for Radio, Tv, and the Sync market.

I have a lifetime of experience, opening for national acts, being signed to a major label. I saw the advantages and disadvantages of traditional studios. Like it or not, the fully equipped home studio is the wave of the future. We are able to compete sonically with the best of studios out there. Our prices are reasonable and competitive

RedCastleMusic STUDIO’s  Demo and SYNC                             Recording Services:


Full Production Song Demos…What’s included:

A FULL PRODUCTION DEMO RECORDED AT RedCastle Music is a package with a Radio Ready fully mixed and mastered demo of the client’s song along with #3 mp3’s.  Instruments included in the basic demo package are acoustic guitar (both 6 and or 12 string) , electric guitar, and drums.   Demos may also  include synthesized loops, banjo, mandolin, or sitar played by Bobby Earl Ray.  The cost for a demo includes recording a vocal track with a client-provided singer,  plus mixing and mastering is $500.00.


***INCLUDED WITH THE $500 DEMO PACKAGE:  is a pre-production session to discuss the clients goals for the project,  actual recording time with vocalist, creating instrumental tracks as described above and mixing and mastering.  Upon completion,  the client is presented with an MP3 file of the song.  We will also include 3 cd’s of the project if requested ahead of time.


***VOCALS:  We will record our client’s own vocalist or vocal tracks at no additional charge,   or we can provide vocals tracks by top Nashville demo singers.  Prices for a professional demo singers start at $150 per song including background vocal tracks.


***REVISIONS:  Studio time to re-record post-recording song revisions (for reasons such as rewritten lyrics)  will be discussed when applicable and are not included in basic demo fee.


***ADD TOP TIER instrumental tracks by Grammy Award Nominated & Award Winning musicians:   RedCastle Music has access to some of the top players in the world.  Depending on availability,  fees usually start at $100 per added instrument.   We can provide tracks using pedal steel, dobro, fiddle, banjo, mandolin, and keyboard or just about any other instrument you can imagine.  If the same musician plays a second  instrument on the track,  the cost of each additional instrument is often highly reduced.  (All prices are subject to change - please check prices at time of recording).


***A GUITAR VOCAL DEMO ONLY:   Cost for a guitar vocal demo with a drum track is $150.00 when the client provides the vocalist.


***ADDITIONAL SERVICE PACKAGE FOR LYRICISTS WHO DON’T PROVIDE A MELODY:   An additional fee of $100 is required for to create a melody if the client only provides a lyric sheet for their song.


***A DEPOSIT OF 50% is required to begin the project.




Custom tracks for the SYNC market:  We can create epic Cinematic tracks with huge rises and drops, as well as songs and instrumentals in any genre or combination of genres. 


Based on the client’s lyric and ideas we can create a pre-cleared track suitable for pitching to TV, Film, Advertising and the Video Game Market.  We can create tracks with full surround sound for motion pictures.


***VOCALS:  We will record our client’s own vocal tracks at no additional charge,   or we can provide vocals tracks by top Nashville demo singers.  Prices for a professional demo singer start at $150 per song including background vocal tracks.


***PRICE FOR FULL SERVICE SYNC READY TRACKS COST: $1500.  We include 3 MP3’s with the cost of the track and will send the wave file directly to the client.


Our SYNC PACKAGE INCLUDES:  A brain storming session to discuss the client’s vision for the project, actual recording time with the vocalist, creating the instrumental and vocal tracks and mixing and mastering the project.